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Ewetopia Dorset Flock


Dorset Ewes & Ewe Lambs 

As with our Suffolks, our Dorsets are chosen for their maternal and growth qualities. Also like Suffolks, Dorsets come in a wide variety of sizes. Our Dorsets are from Australian and Canadian bloodlines to produce a medium-sized ewe that we feel is most practical for the commercial meat-sheep industry. Conformation and type are also of prime importance and we strive to maintain these traits in our purebred Dorsets. 

Dorset ewes are able to produce three lamb crops when used in an accelerated breeding program every two years. Dorset sheep produce the highest milk-fat of all the sheep breeds which helps produce fast-growing, vigorous lambs. Many of our commercial Dorsets are crossed with Rideau Arcotts to produce what we have called our"Dordeaus".

Dorset Rams & Ram Lambs 

Our breeding Dorset rams are selected to have Genovis indexes in the 90's for growth. Rams are chosen for above average conformation, length, width, and muscling.

Dorset ewe lambs, ram lambs, and rams are available throughout the year due to our out-of-season breeding but sell quickly so it is best to buy as early as possible to have the best choices. 

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Disclaimer: A ram (and all sheep in general) is only as good as its care. Proper nutrition and husbandry practices are necessary to maintain sound genetics.

Our Dorset Rams

These are the Dorset rams that sired our most recent crop of Dordeau lambs born between August and October of 2016. They will also be used on our Dordeau and Dorset ewes this coming March 2017. 

The Rams


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