Canadian Suffolk

Canadian Suffolk


Ewetopia Registered Suffolk Flock

Canadian Suffolks  are a combination of British and American bloodlines that result in the medium-sized full-bodied sheep which forms the foundation of our Canadian bred Suffolk sheep. We feel that this "Canadian" Suffolk is a more practical sheep for commercial operations by retaining the muscle development of the British lines and the beauty and regal stance of the American lines. Our Suffolks are long-bodied and wide to satisfy the meat market. They are a height that makes nursing lambs easier. Our Canadian Suffolks moderate the extremes of other Suffolk breeds. We will avoid the present extremes in sizes some Suffolk breeders have produced while still continuing to promote the cardinal traits that Suffolk sheep are renowned for worldwide (fast growth, low maintenance, lean meat, etc.). 

Suffolk Ewes & Ewe Lambs

Our Canadian Suffolk ewes are chosen for their maternal and growth qualities. Suffolks are excellent mothers with lots of milk production and average 1.8 lambs that reach the heavy market lamb category within a couple of months. Our ewes combine British and Canadian Suffolk bloodlines to maintain a medium-sized, practical to manage Suffolk ewe. However, conformation and adherence to "type" are just as important selection factors. Our ewes have long, bell-shaped ears and feminine faces reflective of the breed. They have black heads and legs with a definite delineation between the hair and wool. Ewes that do not meet Suffolk standards are not retained. We always have a large selection of registered and non-registered ewe lambs available. 

Suffolk Rams & Ram Lambs 

Our terminal Suffolk sires are chosen initially as lambs based upon their conformation, adherence to breed standards, and growth rate. Rams are then genotyped for scrapie resistance and economic performance markers based on records accumulated using on-farm RFID technology and FarmWorks management software. Only the top-rated rams are retained for breeding stock and offered for sale to producers. Suffolk rams are terminal sires. When bred to a commercial maternal flock, they will increase growth rate, muscling, feed efficiency, and lean meat yield of the resulting market lambs. This means that producers can produce a market-ready lamb quickly thereby reducing input costs and labour. Suffolk rams are most suited to producers selling market lambs on a live weight basis. According to the Lakeland Carcass Sire project as referenced in the OSMA New Producer Handbook (2010), the Suffolk is one of the most highly recommended sires for reaching this goal. Suffolks are one of the oldest established terminal breeds and continue to be the most represented breed worldwide. 

We also have a large selection of ram lambs available at weaning time from May-June every year. 

To have your choice, it is advisable to contact us early as these lambs sell very quickly. 

 Disclaimer: A ram (and all sheep in general) is only as good as its care. Proper nutrition and husbandry practices are necessary to maintain sound genetics.