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In keeping with our vision of providing superior sheep selection for our customers, we strive to establish strict health care regimes for the sheep and biosecurity measures on the farm to ensure a clean environment for raising our animals.

Quality Livestock

We also feed top quality forages, grain, and supplements adjusted for each flock's nutritional requirements at the various stages of growth and production. Animals are then selected for conformation, soundness, and rate of gain.

Registered animals must also pass breed requirements otherwise they will not be sold with papers.

Our Vision

 The goal of Ewetopia Farms is to provide customers with performance-selected sheep that will benefit producers through increased productivity and profitability. 

Who We Are


Lynn Mckay


Lynn McKay...
was born and raised a "city girl" until her acquisition of a small farm in Alberta in 2000 when she purchased her first Shetland sheep. Since then, she moved to London, Ontario where she became heavily involved in breeding and showing Shetland sheep. As the niche market for Shetlands became saturated, Lynn changed her focus from wool sheep to meat sheep and purchased her first Dorper sheep. She sold these as breeding stock and placed well in the show ring at major events such as Toronto's Royal Winter Agricultural Fair for several years.
After another move and a divorce, the Dorpers had to be sold and she only kept a pet-flock of Shetland sheep. However, now Lynn is back in the sheep industry with Suffolk sheep. In 2006, Lynn partnered with Arnie Droogh and in 2010 they purchased their first Suffolks and together established Ewetopia Farms.

Please tour our site and if you would like more information, feel free to contact us.

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Arnie Droogh


Arnie Droogh ...
was born and raised on this farm. His life has been spent working in the fields and barns on this property. He has raised many different animals from chickens to pigs but specialized in dairy cows until 2011. At this point, he made the decision to focus solely on sheep. Arnie continues to grow crops and hay for the sheep and as a supplemental income.