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What We Do

 Ewetopia Farms specializes in breeding and selling registered Suffolk and Polled Dorset sheep. These sheep may be purchased with or without papers. 

Ewetopia Farms also maintains a commercial flock of Suffolk crosses and grades. All sheep are for sale to purebred and commercial breeders as terminal sires and as replacement stock.


Our Flocks

 Ewetopia Farms breed for what we call “Canadian” Suffolks. Combining British and American types of Suffolk sheep have created a style of Suffolk sheep which we consider to be uniquely Canadian. Ewetopia Farms is one of Canada’s largest registered Suffolk breeders. 

Read more about our “Canadian” Suffolks under Our Flocks section.

To meet the needs of breeders in accelerated lambing operations, Ewetopia Farms has added a registered Polled Dorset line. Replacement ewe lambs and rams are available to fill this niche.  See our Polled Dorset section.

Ewetopia Farms raises a variety of Suffolk-crossed sheep for those farmers wanting the hybrid vigor that composite bloodlines produce. Our premiere cross is our “Suftex”. See more under Commercial Flock section.

All sheep are monitored using Farmworks software. Breeding stock are chosen for flock improvement qualities. Breeding sires are genotyped for Scrapie Resistance.


Sheep For Sale

2019 lambs are all born now and will be ready for sale starting mid-May.

Our lambing ratio was 2.1 this year combined with all breeds with a record number of quads to both our Suffolk and Dorset ewes.

We have a large selection of Suffolk and Commercial ewe and ram lambs available and a limited number of Dorset ewe lambs but lots of ram lambs.

We held over a dozen of our best Suffolk ram lambs from 2018 to be sold this year as yearlings for those preferring mature rams.

Please contact us as early as possible as lambs sell quickly and we deal on a first come, first serve basis.

2019 Lambs


Using flock improvement strategies to produce sheep that will improve productivity and profitability