Ewetopia "Dordeau" Flock

Through the use of Dorset and Rideau Arcott sheep, we have developed our commercial flock that we refer to as our "Dordeaus". The Dordeaus have proven for us to be excellent mothers that produce vigorous, easy-to-manage and maintain lambs. These lambs demonstrate the faster growth and meat qualities of the Dorsets and the higher prolificacy of the Rideau Arcotts while avoiding the quads and quintuplets often associated with the Rideaus. We feel that twin lambs are the 'ideal' because they seldom require human intervention or the extra-care associated with 'litters' of lambs. 

Since these lambs are destined for market or for use as replacement ewes, growth traits are our primary focus. Our Dordeaus are bred to Dorset and Rideau Arcott rams with Genovis numbers in the 90's for growth. As a result, lambs reach market weights more quickly and can be sold as both light or heavy lambs. As replacement ewes, Dordeaus express all the mothering and milk qualities representative of both Dorset and Rideau Arcott ewes.

Disclaimer: A ram (and all sheep in general) is only as good as its care. Proper nutrition and husbandry practices are necessary to maintain sound genetics.